Software Development Manager and Scuba Diver
Victoria, British Columbia

Expert in React js, Firebase, PWA, testing suites and continuous integration. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor's Degree focused in Computer Science and Business from University of Victoria. Feel free to contact me at

Notable Projects


This project is inspired by my passion for scuba diving and enabling my exploration of new places. In its current state it is built using Firebase Auth, RealtimeDB, hosting, and functions, the app is create react app and material design and the website is a dynamaic next.js hosted in AppEngine.

Deep Dive

Out of Office Board

This project was inspired by my future mother in-laws use case to see at a glance who was available to talk to customers. In an effort to get out of my comfort zone this was the first project I've used firestore and ant design. In addition I've also learned a lot about passwordless authentication, Google Compute and automated testing.

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West Coast Diving

Ling Cod

March 2018 Ogden Point

HMCS Mackenzie

March 2018

HMCS Mackenzie

March 2018

Aea Anemone

2018 Rum Island

Plumose Anemone

March 2018 Rum Island

Straight of Juan de Fuca


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For the last two years I've lead and managed talented teams of software developers at Checkfront. I'm excited about building delightful PWAs in react, scallable platforms utilizing cloud functions and app engine, and learning ways to solve problems.